E-Notes: Inquiring Minds Want to Know, “Tell ‘Em What You Really Think,” and Giving Quality Feedback

Last week was my 15th E-Notes post. Wow, how time flies! To celebrate the milestone, I decided to check in with you about the blog so far. I’ve created a quick 10-question survey to gather your input and feedback. Your answers will help me improve. Plus I’m curious about my dear readers!

Take the Survey – Please and thank you (as Ron Swanson would say)!

Bonus: Something special to brighten your day in case you’re the only one in the office this week while everyone else is on vacation.

Thank you for taking the survey! Now go enjoy 4 minutes of found time and see you next week!

The face and front legs of a white and gray kitten lying on its back with its front paws in the air.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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