What I’m Doing Now

After almost seven years of wishing, I’m finally living in Decorah, one of my favorite places in the U.S., and loving every minute of it. When I’m not doing consulting work, I’m reading, exercising outdoors, trying out yoga, and constantly learning new things.

Since wrapping up my 75 Hard Challenge on April 4th, I decided to stick with no drinking and only healthy eating. I have also been following a base building training plan that includes speed work. I was delighted to see this hard work pay off over Memorial Day weekend when I ran a PR in the Madison Half Marathon, shaving off 16 minutes from my previous time. I have one more planned race then a summer of staying in shape for a running trip to Slovenia and Croatia in late August.

This “Now” page was inspired by Derek Sivers. His blog always has something interesting and insightful to say. Check it out!