Hi, I’m Erin Shaw. I’m a resilient, hard-working leader who thrives on solving problems, constantly learning, encouraging others, and connecting both people and ideas.

I have been reading blogs and books and listening to podcasts across various sectors for nearly a decade to develop my abilities as a higher education administrator. I think more people should read broadly and learn from outside their field so I hope this blog will make it easier to do just that.

I’m also a minimalist, trail ultrarunner, triathlete, hiker, traveler, coffee roaster, mentor, volunteer, wife, cat mom, and friluftsliv embracing woman who loves to cook.

Let’s make a ruckus!*

*HT to Seth Godin for giving this term such spirit and meaning. Of his many descriptors of ruckus making, my favorite is “doing work that matters for people who care.” Here’s a deeper dive on making a ruckus.