Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

I’m so glad that you’ve found your way across the interwebs to the small space I’ve carved out. I hope you’ll find value in the content shared here. Until now, I have spent loads of time sharing interesting articles, videos, news, stats, quotes, and ideas to individuals who I think might be the most interested in a particular item.

About a month ago, I realized that many of my friends share the same intersecting interests as I do. I’m reading topics far and wide but only sharing something specific with each of them. Maybe they want to read far and wide too, as long as someone they trust has vetted the material to say, “Hey, I think this is actually worth your time.”

I have toyed with the idea of a blog for over a decade and even started a different one for a short while. This time, I want to create a repository of ideas for people to pop in and check out without any FOMO or urgency. I think this is finally a niche that I can fill.

This post by Morgan Housel finally pushed me to say to myself…and my husband…and a couple friends, “I’ve been learning from all different fields in order to be a well-rounded leader in higher education. We could all become better thinkers and leaders by doing this, so why don’t I start sharing what I come across?”

The quote that gave me the swift kick: Housel said, “A couple ordinary things you don’t notice on their own create something spectacular when they mix together at the right time.”

I hope you’ll soon agree that the right time is now and we can make the world spectacular together.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So excited to be a part of your journey here, Erin!!! I always love getting to have deep conversations with you and look forward to what you share here ☺️


    1. I think you will definitely like some of the things I’m pulling together on here. Thank you for your continued support!


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